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Khalid Taimur Akram, ED, PRCCSF

Khalid Taimur Akram, ED, PRCCSF participates as a keynote speaker in the International Conference on “Enabling the Safe and Dignified Return of Azerbaijanis Expelled from Armenia”

Baku, December 05, 2023, The Europe Today: Mr. Khalid Taimur Akram participated in the International Conference on “Enabling the Safe and Dignified Return of Azerbaijanis Expelled from Armenia: Global Context and Just Solution.” The conference was organized by the Western Azerbaijan Community in Baku, Azerbaijan. A conference was dedicated to addressing the importance of ensuring a safe and dignified return for displaced Azerbaijanis who were forcibly expelled from their lands by Armenia.

The international conference was attended and participated in by high-profile special representatives, including Dr. Aziz Alakbarli, Chairman of the Board Western Azerbaijan Community, Member of the Parliament of Azerbaijan, Mr. Zafer Sırakaya, Deputy Chairman of the Justice and Development Party, Member of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, and AmbDr.Tawfik Ahmed MP, Chairperson of the Subcommittee of the Foreign Relations of the Parliament of Ethiopia.

The experts from Azerbaijan and foreign countries such as Pakistan, Türkiye, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Albania, Greece, Hungary, and Algeria participated.

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Mr. Khalid presented his speech on “The Importance of Ensuring a Safe and Dignified Return for Displaced Individuals and the Role of International and National Entities in Facilitating this Process”. He said that the forced expulsion of Azerbaijanis from their homes in Armenia in the 1990s represents a painful chapter in the history of the South Caucasus region. Families were uprooted, communities were shattered, and individuals faced the harsh realities of displacement. The Armenians have deepened the hatred between the peoples, created an environment of fear, and tried to prevent the Azerbaijanis from returning there. Nothing can prevent the return of the Azerbaijanis, who were forcibly displaced from their ancestral lands.

He called on the United Nations and the European Union (EU) to play a crucial role in coordinating efforts to address the complex challenges of displacement. These organizations serve as platforms for dialogue, cooperation, and the mobilization of resources to support displaced populations.

This momentous occasion ensures a day filled with insightful discussions and expert analyses on the historical, legal, and humanitarian dimensions surrounding the forced expulsion of Azerbaijanis from Armenia. Esteemed speakers delved into the intricacies of displacement, underscoring the urgent need to address this longstanding issue on a global scale and deliver justice to displaced individuals. They also explored the crucial significance of the right to return, emphasizing the imperative of ensuring a safe and dignified repatriation for displaced Azerbaijanis while also scrutinizing the in-depth examination of the legal and policy framework underpinning the right to return and repatriation.