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Garabagh University

Garabagh University – Bright Future of Region

Opening a university by Azerbaijan in liberated Garabagh demonstrates the big differences between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the peace in the region.

Roughly, ten years ago, when Garabagh was under invasion, Armenians opened a military school. Yes, not civilian but military school. In addition, the Armenian side shot a documentary film about the school and circulated it on the internet. Strictly speaking, it looked like an advertisement rather than a documentary film. In the film, the Armenian side demonized Azerbaijan and called for all minorities, except Kurds, living in Azerbaijan to come and study in the said school to fight against Azerbaijan. In short, they tried to ignite inter-ethnic conflict, more precisely, in the sovereign territory of Azerbaijan.

On November 28, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev signed a decree on establishing Garabagh University. It is worth noting that it is a civilian university, not a military one like Armenians opened. Even the government circulated the advertisement of the university as well. Unlike Armenian, there is no hint about war, but peace. It has big and clean auditoriums and classrooms. As for the library, we dare call it the source of pride of Azerbaijan. There were a lot of books in different languages, including Armenian. Yes, by this advertisement Azerbaijan once again demonstrated that the country thinks it is high time to bury the hatchet and move forward. Therefore the advertisement is distinguished from Armenian military school.

In addition, many believe that the university will play a significant role not only in bringing different ethnic groups together but also in the economic development of the region which has suffered from wars and clashes for a long. Because the advantages and disadvantages of the region were taken into account in establishing the university and occupations were determined based on the above pros and cons. Garabagh University will prepare the following specialties: teacher in different subjects, social-psychological service in education, information technologies, computer science and engineering, communication and digital media, food engineering, urban planning, civil engineering, international relations, regional studies, international trade and logistics, business management, economy, finance-marketing, management, accounting, organization of tourism work, tourist guidance.

Of course, we need all specialties, but given the scale of mega reconstruction and restoration works in the region, opening industrial parks, and the importance of the region in Azerbaijan’s agriculture, especially in animal husbandry, and tourism, we can say how significant the university is. Shortly, we will need specialists who can work in the industrial parks in the Garabagh economic zone. They will not just work in production, but also in exporting the products manufactured in the region. Besides, Azerbaijan intends to turn Garabagh into a center of green energy. As is known, the region has 10 GW of green energy potential. Azerbaijan also intends to turn some of these potentials into reality and even export through the Zangazur corridor. As for tourism, it is the most dynamic sector in the country. The number of tourists visiting Azerbaijan tripled for 10 years and it is expected to grow further. Keeping in mind that Garabagh is one of the most beautiful places in Azerbaijan, no doubt that the region will be the center of tourism in the future. In short, it seems the graduates of the university will not face any difficulties in finding jobs and it will be they who will build Garabagh thoroughly again. Thus, Garabagh once again will be the pearl of Azerbaijan.