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Wang Yun-jong

Central Asia is a hub of logistics between Asia and Europe: Wang Yun-jong

Tashkent, December 11, 2023, The Europe Today: Secretary to the Korean President for Economic Security Wang Yun-jong at the expert forum “Strategic dialogue between Central Asia and the Republic of Korea: Prospects for mutually beneficial cooperation”, in Tashkent.

According to him, Central Asia is an essential transport and logistics hub between Asia and Europe and a key security point.

Mr. Wang Yun-jong emphasized that as part of the implementation of the national goal of the Yoon Suk Yeol government, which includes building regional cooperation networks for shared prosperity, Korea is paying particular attention to the Central Asia region to create and strengthen a mutually beneficial cooperation network.

“Korea recognizes the strategic importance of Central Asia and is expanding cooperation in areas that enhance the stability and resilience of Korea and the Central Asian region. These are areas such as supply chains, transport and logistics, healthcare, climate change, and education”, the Secretary to the President of the Republic of Korea for Economic Security stated.

It was emphasized that Korea and Central Asia have achieved breakthrough success in various fields. Trade with countries in the region has increased approximately 600-fold over 30 years, from $15 million in 1992 to $9.2 billion last year. The total volume of Korean direct investment in Central Asia has exceeded $6 billion.