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Finland to reopen two border crossings with Russia

Finland to reopen two border crossings with Russia

Helsinki, December 12, 2023, The Europe Today: Finland will reopen two border crossings with Russia on Thursday, the country’s Prime Minister Petteri Orpo announced at a press conference in Helsinki on Tuesday.

The main Vaalimaa crossing in southeastern Finland and the one at Niirala, about 250 kilometers (155 miles) to the north, will be reopened to traffic, but all other land border crossings will remain closed.

All eight crossings between the two countries were closed by the Finnish government in late November to prevent asylum seekers from entering the country.

The border will be open for an initial period until January 14. Prime Minister Petteri Orpo also warned that the entire eastern border could be closed again if necessary.

Orpo said that the restrictions have been eased in order to assess whether “there is a change for the better.”

“If the phenomenon continues, we will close these border crossings,” he added.