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Independence of Judiciary in Pakistan: Radio Interview

On 5th December 2023, Mr. Haroon Ur Rashid, Vice Chairman of Islamabad Bar Council, an Expert in law, Former President of the District Bar, President of the High Court Bar, and Member of Islamabad Bar, was invited to the program ‘Dialogue with Experts, hosted by Zaildar Ahsan Shah at FM 101, Radio Pakistan.

The host Zaildar Ahsan Shah welcomed the worthy Guest Mr. Haroon Ur Rashid to his show. He asked Haroon Ur Rashid about his educational background and professional journey. Mr. Haroon Ur Rashid thanked Zaildar Ahsan Shah for inviting him to his show. He answered that when he was in Matric and FSC his family wanted him to be a doctor or engineer.

But there are other professions as well which can be chosen as a career. I opted for Law and I was very passionate about the law as a subject. My elder brother is also a lawyer and I followed his path. I think that law is such a profession in which there is no subordination of anybody and it is a very independent profession. We are free to work professionally and there is a lot of respect associated with this profession.

Haroon Ur Rashid said that when he joined Bar my senior Mr. Shamim Pirzada trained me how to become a good lawyer. Side by side, I used to be involved in the politics of Bar. In 1997, my group of friends voted for me and I was elected as Secretary with a large majority. I have also been President of District Bar Islamabad 3 times. The Bar also appointed me as a President High Court. Bar also sent me the Islamabad Bar Council. After 5 years at the Islamabad Bar Council, I was elected unopposed Member of the Pakistan Bar Council, and from there I was elected as Vice Chairman Islamabad Bar Council.

Mr. Haroon Ur Rashid also discussed the role of the Judiciary in the politics of Pakistan. He said that in 2007 when he was elected as President of the District Bar for the first time, at time a reference against Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry was filed under the dictatorship of General Pervez Musharraf, and our Bar had to make many sacrifices. The judiciary is not as independent in Pakistan as it needs to be. This is because of the involvement of political parties or the leadership of any dictator. Dictatorships have always abrogated the constitution of Pakistan and the Judiciary has always supported and justified the role of Dictatorship.

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He talked about the present Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Qazi Faiz Isa, he said that Justice Qazi Faiz Isa works according to the constitution and law and order of Pakistan. His judgments in Court are regardless of any personal interest and he keeps the Constitution as a guiding principle to implement those laws.

Mr. Zaildar Ahsan Shah said that we need to follow our constitution and rule of law for that we have to work very hard to implement law and order in society. Mr. Haroon Ur Rashid said that for a professional code of conduct, we must look into our constitution to follow rules and regulations of the country. It is the best guiding principle that tells us how to run a Government and honor the institutions of Pakistan. Unfortunately, people do not follow the constitution of Pakistan.

Mr. Zaildar asked the guest to differentiate between the Pakistan Bar Council and the Supreme Court Bar Association. Mr. Haroon answered that the provincial bar councils of every province regulate district bar and high court bar and all the lower courts. The Supreme Court Bar Association works for the welfare of its members whereas Pakistan Bar Council is the regulatory authority of all the Bar Councils of Pakistan.

Mr. Zaildar Ahsan Shah thanked Mr. Haroon Ur Rashid acknowledged the efforts of the guest Mr. Haroon Ur Rashid and asked to give a message to the audience. Mr. Haroon said that people should vote for the democratic parties that are beneficial for the country.