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Independent Kazakhstan - The Path of Progress and Prosperity

Independent Kazakhstan – The Path of Progress and Prosperity

December 16, is the Independence Day of The Republic of Kazakhstan, after the splitting of Soviet Socialist Republic of Russia, the Republic of Kazakhstan was the last Central Asian Country who declared independence.

This country of 20 million population and largest Central Asian country, is also the world’s largest land locked country. Two mighty super powers Russia and China are her neighbors, the most unique geographic fact, that make her distinct from her neighboring Central Asian Countries, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan is that it is situated in the centre of Eurasian Continent, about 15% area of this world’s 9th largest country is in Eastern Europe and the rest of 85% is in Asia. The huge area of Kazakhstan is equivalent to that of Western Europe. The other thing that makes it unique is the diversity of it’s population, there are more than 100 different religious, ethnic, linguistic identities are the inhabitants of this great country. The majority of the people are Muslims, Christians are the second majority. There are so many communities like Russian, Germans, Chinese were migrated here under different circumstances in different annals of history. The Russians are the second largest community, about 39% of the total population, mostly livining along the bordering area with Russia.

This country of the Central Asia has many colors of geography, large green plains, deserts, mountains, lakes and rivers are distinct. The nomadic origin Kazaks are brave and faithful to their country, their patriotism is the source of strength, unity and freedom far Kazakhstan.

Having great potential in natural resources and economy, this country always remaind attractive for greedy intentions of the militarily strong nations. The immense oil, gas, uranium and other costly and precious metals are source of it’s futuristic economic develoment for On the flipside these also need very strong safety shield, strong defense, and very cautious foreign policy. This need is already felt by the leadership of Kazakhstan, they wisely made very balanced foreign policy, that is friendly with all the neighboring and international nations. The Government of Kazakhstan has played a miraculous role to take first step to make world non nuclear by destroying all the nuclear weapons and their testing sites of Soviet era. This shows that Kazakhstan likes peace not war among the nations of the world.

Still the leadership of Kazakhstan is doing fine in national and international affairs. No country can progress and flourish without well balanced foreign policy and planning to promote trade and Commerce.

The Kazakhstan’s Government is doing her best to flourish business and using natural resources for the internal development and external trade. Internal peace and unity is the strong weapon to defeat the external threats. The people of Kazakhstan are very sensitive regarding their freedom and love with their mother land. The Government is wisely using this zeal of the people in nation building. When we analyze the policies of President Kassym Jomart Tokayev, we see he is running towards betterment in all fields, his foreign policy is based on good relationship with regional and international powers and nations. Cooperation in trade, business, environmental issues at the forum’s of U.N., European Union, Shingahi conference, ASEAN etc. is the main priority of the Government.

The President Tokayev is enthusiastically making and implementing policies to upgrade the life standard of his people, his plan to provide them houses, health facilities by making new hospitals, increasing education institutions, good steps to enhance in pensions of old people and arrangements to provide jobs to jobless citizens. The Government of the President Tokayev is also making the infrastructure of the country according to the modern needs, roads,railways and means of air travel are being made according to international standards. Political reformation is providing every citizen to take part in the affairs of the country.

The state is providing every citizen the chances of self development, freedom of expression and equal human rights. Easy and speedy justice is the important part of the reformation program of the Government. The state is trying her best to rootout the corruption from the society. The economic reforms are introduced, which amazingly decreased the budget deficit and saved handsome amount for public development programs.

The investment based policies are attractive for business class and foreign investment. Tax reforms are encouraging business and increasing the inflow of money in state exchequer. The slogan of “Strong Business, Strong State” will surely make Kazakhstan’s aim to achieve the goals of establishing new industries including mobile, multimedia, space technology, robotics and alternative energy with in next few years. We hope a bright future is waiting for the people of Kazakhstan, wise and well thought policies always play a pivotal role in the development and prosperity of the nations.