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Agnieszka Holland Initiates Production on Franz Kafka's Film Project

Agnieszka Holland Initiates Production on Franz Kafka’s Film Project

Parague, December 17, 2023, The Europe Today: Polish film director Agnieszka Holland has started work on her latest project, the feature film “Franz” about the Prague-born writer Franz Kafka, according to the Czech News Agency. Shooting is set to take place in the Czech Republic and Germany over 40 days starting in April next year, with an expected cinema release date at the end of 2024. The screenplay was written by Marek Epstein in collaboration with Holland.

One of the most successful Polish filmmakers in recent decades, Agnieszka Holland is a graduate of the FAMU film school in Prague and often works on Czech co-productions, collaborates with Czech producers and screenwriters, or makes films about topics relating to Czech history.