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Mitchell Starc

Mitchell Starc expresses surprise at Pakistan’s decreased bowling pace

Australian fast bowler Mitchell Starc expressed his astonishment at the relatively lower pace exhibited by the Pakistani bowlers during the first Test in Perth, where Australia clinched a resounding 360-run victory.

Addressing the media at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) in anticipation of the second Test, Starc remarked on the unexpected deceleration in bowling speed. While highlighting that velocity is not the sole determinant of success in cricket, he recognized its crucial role within the dynamics of the game.

Mitchell Starc conveyed his surprise over the subdued pace of the Pakistani bowlers, a departure from the usual expectation of encountering bowlers touching speeds in the 150s [kph]. Emphasizing that pace is not the sole determinant of success in cricket, he acknowledged its influential role.

Starc pointed out that while extra pace may not be a priority at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), it still holds significance. He cited Scott Boland as an example, noting that despite not being among the fastest, Boland showcased effectiveness by leveraging lateral movement, particularly on his home ground.

Mitchell Starc illustrated his point by highlighting the effectiveness of Scott Boland, who, despite not being among the fastest pace bowlers, consistently generates significant lateral movement at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), owing to it being his home ground.

Starc emphasized Boland’s ability to create challenging conditions for batsmen, citing the example of the series against England where every delivery he bowled posed a potential wicket-taking threat.

Starc concluded that pace alone is not the ultimate factor, stressing the importance of a diverse skill set within the bowling attack. He noted that their bowling unit complements each other well by employing distinct approaches, contributing to the overall effectiveness of the team.