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Tragic Blaze in Northern Seoul Claims 2 Lives, Injures 29 in Apartment Inferno

Seoul, December 25, 2023, The Europe Today: In a tragic incident reported by Yonhap, a fire erupted in a northern Seoul apartment building, resulting in the unfortunate demise of two individuals and injuries to 29 others, as confirmed by firefighters on Monday.

The blaze, which initiated on the third floor of the 27-story building in Seoul’s Dobong district around 4:57 a.m., led to the discovery of two men in their 30s and a woman in her 70s in a state of cardiac arrest.

Despite efforts to save them, two individuals succumbed to the fire’s impact. Approximately 222 firefighters worked diligently, successfully extinguishing the flames about three hours after the incident began.

Both police and firefighters are actively investigating to ascertain the precise cause of this distressing accident.