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Abdurakhmon Abdullayev

Uzbekistan’s Abdurakhmon Abdullayev wins Gold Medal

Abu Dhabi, December 25, 2023, The Europe Today: Uzbekistan’s equestrian prowess was exemplified as Abdurakhmon Abdullayev distinguished himself in a competition featuring a challenging obstacle height of 145 cm astride the horse Caballone, securing a well-deserved gold medal.

Concurrently, Bakhromjon Gaziyev, the Chairman of the Horse Breeding and Equestrian Federation of Uzbekistan, exhibited his equestrian skills in a program featuring an obstacle height of 125 cm, navigating adeptly aboard the horse named Lady.

Furthermore, Abdullayev demonstrated his versatility by participating in another program with a formidable obstacle height of 155 cm, riding the horse Volour and achieving a commendable seventh-place finish.

These achievements underscore the commitment of Uzbekistan’s equestrian athletes and their notable performances on the international stage.