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Toyota launches all-new Crown Sport PHEV model in Japan

Tokyo, December 26, 2023, The Europe Today: Toyota Motor Corporation has commenced sales of its all-new Crown Sport Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) model in Japan.

A new addition to the Crown line-up, the Sport PHEV model is designed to enhance its fun, sporty driving experience. While retaining a beautiful design that resonates with the senses, the Sport PHEV model promises drivers a sportier feel incorporating exclusive equipment enabling drivers to more fully experience the joy of driving. Furthermore, fitted with a large-capacity lithium-ion battery, the PHEV delivers a BEV-mode cruising range suitable for everyday use, thereby combining the joy of driving with superb environmental performance.

Alongside the Crown Crossover HEV, Sport HEV, Sedan HEV, and FCEV models, through the all-new Sport PHEV, Toyota provides customers with an important range of options as it continues its path of decarbonization.

Equipped with a high-output density drive motor, the Sport PHEV reaches a maximum system output of 225kW (306PS) and, by fully utilizing the motor, achieves seamless and powerful acceleration.

A large-capacity lithium-ion battery has been positioned beneath the floor in the center of the vehicle. It provides a BEV-mode cruising range suitable for everyday use without compromising on interior space, which enables operation in BEV mode for most everyday driving situations. A fully charged battery delivers a BEV-mode driving range of 90 kilometers and a hybrid-mode fuel economy of 20.3km/L. With a gasoline tank capacity of 55L, the PHEV boasts a total cruising range of 1,200 kilometers or more.