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Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Reflects on 45 Years of China-U.S. Diplomatic Relations

Beijing, January 02, 2024, The Europe Today: On the occasion of the 45th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and the United States, a spokesperson from the Chinese foreign ministry addressed the historical significance of this milestone. In 2024, President Xi Jinping and President Joe Biden exchanged congratulatory letters on January 1 to commemorate the establishment of diplomatic ties.

The spokesperson emphasized that the last 45 years have witnessed the enduring nature of China-U.S. relations, navigating through various challenges. Over this period, bilateral trade soared from under 2.5 billion U.S. dollars in 1979 to nearly 760 billion dollars in 2022, while two-way investment escalated from virtually zero to surpassing 260 billion dollars. The establishment of 284 pairs of sister provinces, states, and cities further underscores the depth of these relations.

The spokesperson highlighted the collaborative efforts on international and regional issues, emphasizing that the growth of China-U.S. relations has not only benefited both nations but has also contributed to global peace, stability, and development.

The spokesperson reiterated China’s consistent and clear U.S. policy, emphasizing the principles of mutual respect, peaceful coexistence, and win-win cooperation. Asserting that these principles align with the historical trajectory of China-U.S. relations and represent the optimal approach for the two nations, the spokesperson underscored their relevance to contemporary global trends and mutual interests. Emphasizing the interconnectedness of success, the spokesperson conveyed that one country’s prosperity presents an opportunity for the other, advocating for collaborative success and mutual prosperity.

China expressed its commitment to fostering a stable, sound, and sustainable relationship with the United States. Reflecting on the recent summit meeting in San Francisco, where Presidents Xi and Biden achieved over 20 deliverables spanning political affairs, foreign policy, trade, finance, people-to-people exchange, global governance, and military and security, the spokesperson highlighted the establishment of a future-oriented San Francisco vision.

China stands ready to work with the United States, faithfully implementing the summit’s crucial understandings, managing disagreements effectively, advancing mutually beneficial cooperation, and promoting people-to-people exchanges. The spokesperson emphasized the joint responsibility of both nations as major countries to steer the relationship toward a positive trajectory, benefiting not only China and the U.S. but also the broader global community.