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Lebap Cement Plant’s Products Earn High Acclaim in Uzbekistan

Ashgabat, January 04, 2024, The Europe Today: In the year 2023, the Lebap cement plant achieved a notable milestone by dispatching 107,482 tons of cement to Uzbekistan, garnering significant appreciation from the neighboring country for the commendable quality and competitive pricing of Lebap cement.

According to reports from the Turkmenistan newspaper, the success is attributed to the plant’s dedicated workforce, with 28 employees proficiently operating in four specialized laboratories equipped with modern technological tools. The plant conducts thorough chemical, physical, X-ray, and spectrographic analyses utilizing advanced technologies to ensure the product’s excellence. Gozel Jumanazarova, the chief specialist of the economic department at the plant, emphasized the dual focus on product quality and cost reduction.

Utilizing locally sourced raw materials, including lime, quartz, gypsum, and other essential components found near the plant, contributes to cost-effectiveness in cement production, reflecting a strategic advantage for the Lebap cement plant.