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Successful Maiden Flight for Chinese Electric Airplane, AG60E

Beijing, January 05, 2023, The Europe Today: The Science and Technology Daily reported on Friday that a domestically developed Chinese electric airplane, the AG60E, has successfully undertaken its inaugural flight at an airport situated in Zhejiang, the country’s eastern province.

Engineered by China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Co. Ltd., the AG60E represents an electrically modified variant of the AG60, an all-metal, side-by-side two-seater, single-engine sports aircraft that accomplished its first flight in 2020. With a total length of 6.9 meters, an 8.6-meter wingspan, and an impressive maximum cruising speed of 185 km/h, the AG60E showcases advancements in electric aviation technology.

The aircraft manufacturer highlights the project’s significance, emphasizing its contribution to the low-altitude economy, a strategic emerging industry, through the electrification of existing fixed-wing aircraft.