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HP Enterprise in Advanced Talks for a $13 Billion Acquisition of Juniper Networks

New York, January 08, 2024, The Europe Today: Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is currently engaged in discussions to acquire Juniper Networks, with the potential deal valuing the network gear manufacturer at approximately $13 billion, as disclosed by an informed source to Reuters on Monday.

An official announcement regarding the acquisition may be made as early as this week, according to the same source. Following this news, Hewlett Packard’s shares experienced a 7.7% decline, contrasting with Juniper’s stock, which surged by 21% in extended trading.

The envisioned acquisition aligns with HPE’s strategic goal of enhancing its artificial intelligence (AI) offerings, a move highlighted in a previous Wall Street Journal report. While Hewlett Packard declined to comment on the WSJ report, Juniper Networks has not yet responded to Reuters’ request for comment.

Notably, HPE had announced the introduction of a cloud computing service tailored for powering AI systems akin to ChatGPT last year. Juniper Networks is recognized for its high-performance network solutions encompassing routing, switching, Wi-Fi, network security, AI-driven enterprise networking operations (AIOps), and software-defined networking (SDN) technologies.