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Dyson’s Compensation Bid Denied: EU Rejects £151.5 Million Claim Over Vacuum Cleaner Energy Labels

London, January 13, 2024, The Europe Today: Dyson, the prominent British household appliances manufacturer, has faced a setback in its pursuit of £151.5 million (€176 million) in compensation from the European Commission. The claim stemmed from alleged damages incurred due to what Dyson deemed unfair energy label testing for its bagless vacuum cleaners.

The company contested EU regulations established in 2014, arguing that the labels on vacuum cleaners were ill-suited for its technology. Dyson maintained that these labels misled consumers about the efficiency of certain vacuum cleaners, providing an undue advantage to its German competitors.

Sir James Dyson, the founder of the company, expressed discontent with the regulations, contending that they unfairly favored vacuum cleaners with bags, discriminating against Dyson’s bagless technology. Despite a 2018 ruling by the General Court in Luxembourg overturning the labelling rules in Dyson’s favor, the court dismissed the compensation claim.

It asserted that Dyson had not suffered financial losses directly attributable to the contested regulations. Sir James Dyson emphasized the adverse impact of the energy label dispute, stating it diverted resources away from innovation and product development.