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Vodafone and Microsoft Forge 10-Year Partnership to Propel AI and Cloud Services Across Europe and Africa

London, January 16, 2024, The Europe Today: Vodafone has entered into a transformative 10-year partnership with Microsoft, aiming to deliver generative AI, digital solutions, enterprise services, and cloud capabilities to over 300 million businesses and consumers spanning European and African markets.

In a strategic move, Vodafone will invest $1.5 billion in customer-centric AI technologies, leveraging Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI and Copilot innovations. As part of this collaboration, Vodafone plans to transition from physical data centers to more cost-effective and scalable Azure cloud services.

Microsoft, in reciprocation, will become an equity investor in Vodafone’s standalone managed Internet of Things (IoT) platform, scheduled for launch by April 2024. The collaboration extends further to scaling Vodafone’s mobile financial platform in Africa.

Luka Mucic, Vodafone’s Chief Financial Officer, highlighted the significance of Microsoft’s AI leadership, particularly through its OpenAI partnership, in revolutionizing the telecom giant’s customer services. Mucic emphasized the role of a Microsoft AI-driven TOBi chatbot, ensuring more consistent and intelligent responses to customer queries.

Judson Althoff, Microsoft’s Chief Commercial Officer, underscored the strategic importance of Vodafone’s strengths in IoT and financial services. He emphasized how Vodafone’s IoT assets align with Microsoft’s commitment to addressing sustainability needs, leveraging digital twins to model manufacturing environments and utilizing AI to support customers in achieving sustainability goals.

The collaboration extends to Vodafone’s M-PESA mobile money platform operating in African countries, aligning with Microsoft’s objectives in the region, including enhancing digital literacy and promoting intelligent financial decision-making through generative AI capabilities.This landmark partnership reflects a shared commitment to driving innovation, sustainability, and enhanced customer experiences in the dynamic landscapes of telecommunications, IoT, and financial services.