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Bahrain Acknowledges Outgoing GCC Executive Office Director-General’s Contributions

Manama, January 21, 2024, The Europe Today: Jameel bin Mohammad Ali Humaidan, the Minister of Labour of Bahrain, recently held a meeting with Dr. Amer bin Mohammed Al Hajri, the outgoing Director-General of the Executive Office of the Council of Ministers of Labour and the Council of Ministers of Social Affairs of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries.

The executive office, headquartered in Bahrain and affiliated with the GCC Secretariat General, has been a pivotal entity in fostering collaboration among GCC states in the realms of labour and social affairs.

Minister Humaidan expressed his appreciation for Dr. Al Hajri’s commendable efforts in strengthening cooperation among the GCC states in labour and social domains. He highlighted the crucial role played by the executive office in the development of labour market systems across GCC countries and in the exchange and enhancement of social and labour experiences.

Emphasizing the office’s responsibilities, Minister Humaidan pointed out its tasks, including formulating policies, developing plans, approving joint projects and programmes, and enhancing the work environment within the GCC’s labour market. Special attention was given to the initiatives related to safeguarding human resources and creating programs aimed at reducing workplace injuries.

Minister Humaidan extended his best wishes to Dr. Al Hajri for success in his future endeavors. In turn, Dr. Al Hajri commended Bahrain’s significant role in advancing GCC cooperation. He noted that Bahrain’s facilities and services underscore its commitment to elevating Gulf labour achievements, particularly in unifying labour policies and fostering integration among member states.

As the outgoing Director-General concludes his term, the meeting highlights the collaborative efforts and achievements in the field of labour and social affairs within the GCC, setting the stage for continued cooperation and progress in the region.