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China National Administration of Coal Geology Initiates Geothermal Energy Hub in Xiong’an New Area

Beijing, January 22, 2024, The Europe Today: The China National Administration of Coal Geology (CNACG), a prominent state-owned enterprise, has unveiled ambitious plans to collaborate with institutions and universities in establishing a cutting-edge hub for scientific research in the geothermal energy sector within the Xiong’an New Area in north China.

Jia Chunqu, the Party Secretary of CNACG, outlined the company’s commitment in a press statement, expressing determination to capitalize on its inherent strengths. The initiative involves integrating CNACG’s geothermal technology and industrial resources to expedite the development of a Geothermal Energy Science and Technology Innovation Research Center. The long-term vision includes the establishment of a geothermal energy technology design institute in Xiong’an.

Jia highlighted CNACG’s distinctive advantages in geothermal energy development, utilization, the application of geophysical exploration technology in urban underground spaces, and comprehensive management of the ecological environment. These capabilities align seamlessly with the functional positioning and development trajectory of Xiong’an New Area.

The announcement follows the recent inauguration of a CNACG subsidiary in Xiong’an, signaling the company’s commitment to fostering innovation and contributing to the region’s sustainable development. Jia affirmed, “CNACG is uniquely positioned to drive advancements in geothermal energy, aligning perfectly with Xiong’an New Area’s objectives.”

As the project takes shape, the collaboration aims to position Xiong’an as a focal point for geothermal energy research and technology, further solidifying China’s commitment to green and sustainable energy solutions.