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Uzbekistan's Ambassador

Uzbekistan’s Ambassador Presents Credentials to Iranian President, Enhancing Bilateral Ties

Tehran, January 23, 2024, The Europe Today: The newly appointed Ambassador of Uzbekistan, Fariddin Nasriyev, officially presented his credentials to the President of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi. During the ceremony, President Raisi warmly congratulated Ambassador Nasriyev on commencing his official duties in Iran and expressed satisfaction with the consistent and elevated development of relations between Iran and Uzbekistan over the past two years.

Acknowledging the positive trajectory in bilateral relations, President Raisi attributed the progress to the combined political will, practical efforts, and the establishment of a trust-based dialogue at the highest levels of leadership. This concerted approach has provided a robust impetus to the ongoing development of the bilateral partnership.

Highlighting the immense potential for strengthening trade relations and expanding cooperation in various economic spheres, President Raisi emphasized the need to implement specific projects and enhance the volume of cargo transportation and transit between the two nations. He set a substantial target, aiming to increase mutual trade volume to $1 billion in the near future.

President Raisi conveyed his best wishes to Ambassador Nasriyev for success in his responsible and honorable role. He expressed confidence in the diplomat’s ability to contribute significantly to the continuous improvement of relations between Iran and Uzbekistan, fostering enduring ties between the two nations and their people. This exchange underlines the commitment of both countries to deepening their partnership and exploring new avenues for collaboration.