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Audi Launches Pre-Mass Production at First Purely Electric Vehicle Plant in China

Beijing, January 26, 2024, The Europe Today: Audi AG, the renowned German luxury carmaker, marked a significant milestone in its commitment to the Chinese new energy vehicle (NEV) market with the launch of pre-mass production at its inaugural facility for purely electric vehicles in China. This strategic move underscores Audi’s dedication to optimizing its presence in China’s rapidly growing NEV sector.

Helmut Stettner, Chief Executive Officer of Audi FAW NEV Company, revealed that the production base, situated in Jilin Province in northeast China, is designed to achieve an annual production capacity exceeding 150,000 vehicles. The plant is poised to contribute to the company’s electrification strategy, with three distinct pure electric models tailored specifically for the Chinese market anticipated to commence production by the end of the year. These models are set to be available in the market from early 2025.

The collaborative effort with FAW Group Co., Ltd., a leading Chinese automaker, led to the establishment of the Audi FAW NEV project. The groundbreaking ceremony for this venture took place in Changchun, northeastern China, in June 2022. The total investment in the project is expected to exceed 35 billion yuan (approximately 4.9 billion U.S. dollars).

Audi’s entry into the Chinese electric vehicle market aligns with the broader global shift towards sustainable mobility. The company aims to provide Chinese consumers with cutting-edge electric vehicles that combine Audi’s signature luxury and innovation with environmentally conscious technologies. The move reflects Audi’s commitment to playing a key role in shaping the future of electric mobility in China.