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Chinese Government Aims to Boost Recycling Industry for Old Home Appliances and Furniture

Chinese Government Aims to Boost Recycling Industry for Old Home Appliances and Furniture

Beijing, February 01, 2024, The Europe Today: Chinese government is set to focus on the recycling of disused or old home appliances and furniture. A circular jointly issued by nine government departments, including the Ministry of Commerce, outlines a comprehensive plan to achieve a 15 percent increase in the volume of recycled disused items by 2025, compared to the levels recorded in 2023. This initiative aims to stimulate the consumption of new, eco-friendly products while fostering the sound development of the recycling sector.

The circular highlights four key areas of focus:

  1. Improving the Recycling Network: Efforts will be directed towards enhancing the country’s recycling network, ensuring efficiency, and creating a robust infrastructure for the collection and processing of disused home appliances and furniture.
  2. Nurturing Big Recycling Businesses: The government aims to support and cultivate large-scale recycling enterprises, providing them with the necessary resources and incentives to play a pivotal role in the recycling ecosystem.
  3. Innovating Recycling Models: The circular emphasizes the importance of innovation in recycling models, exploring new approaches and technologies to streamline the recycling process and make it more sustainable.
  4. Standardizing Recycling Practices: To ensure the effectiveness and reliability of the recycling sector, the government plans to implement standardized practices. This includes the formulation of optimized regulations and standards for the recycling industry.

The circular envisions the recognition of a group of cities nationally for their exemplary systems in recycling disused home appliances and furniture by 2025. Furthermore, it aims to promote successful recycling practices nationwide, establish a group of leading enterprises in the recycling sector, and formulate regulations and standards to enhance the efficiency and transparency of the industry.

As per government data, in 2023, China had over 3 billion home appliances in use, with air conditioners, refrigerators, and TVs being among the most prevalent items in households across the nation. The initiative aligns with the government’s vision to upgrade consumption patterns and emphasizes the pivotal role of a strengthened recycling industry in achieving this objective.

During a regular press conference, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Commerce highlighted the significant role of Chinese households in driving the growth of new home appliance consumption. The spokesperson emphasized that the reinforcement of the recycling industry holds great significance in the country’s overall strategy for consumption upgrade.

This initiative reflects China’s commitment to sustainable development and underscores the importance of responsible disposal and recycling of disused home appliances and furniture.