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Turkmenistan and USA Ambassadors Reaffirm Commitment to Strengthen Bilateral Cooperation

Tokyo, February 02, 2024, The Europe Today: In a diplomatic meeting held in Tokyo on Thursday, Ambassador Atadurdy Bayramov of Turkmenistan and Ambassador Rahm Emanuel of the United States of America engaged in discussions within the framework of the “Central Asia + USA” format, reinforcing their commitment to deepening bilateral ties.

Ambassador Bayramov expressed Turkmenistan’s unwavering readiness to bolster a constructive partnership with the United States for mutual prosperity. The diplomats acknowledged the significance of the first summit in the “Central Asia + USA” format held on September 19, 2023, in New York. The summit, attended by the presidents of the participating countries, provided a valuable opportunity to address a spectrum of issues, including regional security, trade, and climate change. The “Central Asia + USA” format has proven to be an effective regional platform, facilitating enhanced economic cooperation, security maintenance, and sustainable development in Central Asia.

The meeting concluded with both parties underscoring the imperative to sustain collaboration on expanding economic and energy cooperation, addressing climate change challenges, and jointly countering contemporary risks and threats.

The Embassy of Turkmenistan in Japan, through its official website, highlighted the shared commitment of Turkmenistan and the United States to ongoing collaboration. The diplomatic engagement signifies the continued efforts of both nations to foster a resilient and prosperous partnership, contributing to regional stability and development.