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Indonesian Vice President Ma’ruf Amin Advocates Breakthroughs in Trade during Meeting with Ambassador to Bulgaria, Albania, and North Macedonia

Jakarta, February 02, 2024, The Europe Today: Indonesian Vice President Ma’ruf Amin welcomed the Indonesian Ambassador to Bulgaria, Albania, and North Macedonia, Iwan Bogananta, at the Vice President’s Palace in Jakarta on Friday. During the meeting, the Vice President emphasized the need for breakthroughs in new trading areas and market shares to enhance Indonesia’s economic standing on the global stage.

In a press release on Friday, Vice President Amin stressed the importance of expanding economic and social collaborations, particularly in the context of national commodity exports. Ambassador Bogananta reported on several potential collaborations and opportunities for growth in these areas.

Vice President Amin highlighted the necessity for Indonesia to forge new partnerships with various countries and underscored the importance of making breakthroughs to establish trade hubs. The Vice President emphasized the significance of building cooperation with countries strategically located to access larger markets, irrespective of their size.

“It does not have to be a very big country, but as long as it has a trade hub for our products. That would be very good,” remarked Vice President Amin during the meeting.

Ambassador Bogananta pointed out Bulgaria’s strategic importance, citing its nickname as the “Land of the Roses.” He noted that Bulgaria, with its two large ports, holds significant potential to become a trade hub for Indonesia. The ambassador highlighted the cost-effectiveness of using Bulgaria as a route to enter the European market, especially for commodities such as palm oil and eyelash beauty products.

“Bulgaria has two large ports. Many commodities from Indonesia can enter Europe at low cost,” said Ambassador Bogananta.

Regarding Albania, the Ambassador highlighted the country’s interest in building cooperation in the religious sector with Indonesia. He mentioned the keenness of the Grand Mufti of Albania to establish religious cooperation, appreciating Indonesia’s ability to manage religious diversity successfully.

Accompanying Vice President Amin during the meeting were Head of the Vice Presidential Secretariat, Ahmad Erani Yustika, as well as Vice President’s Special Staff Masduki Baidlowi, Masykuri Abdillah, and Robikin Emhas.

The discussions during the meeting underscored Indonesia’s commitment to exploring new avenues for economic collaboration and diplomatic partnerships, aiming to strengthen its position in the global trade landscape.