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Massive Anti-Far-Right Rally in Berlin Attracts 150,000 Protesters

Berlin, February 03, 2024, The Europe Today: In an unprecedented show of unity and resistance against far-right ideologies, approximately 150,000 people gathered in the German capital, Berlin, for a protest rally targeting extremist movements. The demonstration, held in front of the Reichstag building, the seat of the German Bundestag, marks the latest in a series of nationwide protests against the rise of far-right sentiments.

The surge in public outcry follows a damning report by the investigative network Correctiv, revealing a clandestine meeting attended by neo-Nazis, business figures, and members of political parties, including AfD (Alternative for Germany) and CDU (Christian Democratic Union). Disturbingly, the participants allegedly discussed a secret plan for the mass deportation of millions of immigrants.

Berlin police, monitoring the situation closely, reported on Saturday afternoon that the attendance had surpassed 150,000 people. The designated demonstration area in front of the Reichstag building quickly reached its capacity, prompting authorities to expand the space available for protesters.

Notably, attendees formed a symbolic ring around the Reichstag, holding hands in a collective effort to protect the iconic building from potential far-right attacks. The act served as a powerful visual statement against extremism and a call for unity in defending democratic values.

Chants and slogans resonated against the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, known for its staunch anti-immigration stance. Several members of the AfD were reportedly present at the secret meeting exposed by Correctiv, fueling public outrage.

“The AfD is already very open about exclusion. I think it is good that people here are showing that they are against exclusion,” expressed a participant at the Berlin protest, emphasizing the importance of standing against divisive ideologies.

Another protester voiced concerns about the erosion of democracy, drawing parallels with developments in Poland and Hungary. “We can see in Poland or Hungary, how quickly democracy is being dismantled and constitutional bodies restricted. I think that could happen to us too,” warned a demonstrator, underscoring the broader implications of resisting far-right influences.

The massive turnout in Berlin reflects a growing determination among Germans to confront and counteract extremist ideologies, fostering a collective commitment to preserving democratic values and inclusivity.