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US President Biden Addresses Challenges to Bipartisan Immigration Bill and Pledges to Defend It Against Political Pressures

Washington, D.C., February 07, 2024, The Europe Today: U.S. President Joe Biden asserted on Tuesday that the bipartisan immigration bill is facing significant challenges due to political pressures exerted by Republican rival Donald Trump. President Biden pledged to take a proactive stance, hitting the road to remind voters of the potential consequences if the bill fails to advance.

During a press briefing, President Biden expressed his concerns, stating, “All indications are this bill won’t even move forward to the Senate floor. Why? The simple reason: Donald Trump. Because Donald Trump thinks it’s bad for him politically.”

Highlighting the intensification of concerns over immigration as a central issue in the ongoing election campaign, President Biden acknowledged the partisan dynamics at play. With Trump gearing up for a likely November rematch, the bipartisan border security deal unveiled on Sunday faces opposition from the former president, who has been urging congressional Republicans to reject the proposal.

A spokesperson for Donald Trump has not issued an immediate response to the President’s remarks.

President Biden’s commitment to making Trump’s efforts to undermine the bill a focal point of his reelection campaign represents a strategic move, albeit one with inherent risks. Recent polls indicate that Americans have given President Biden low approval ratings for his handling of border security and immigration. In January, the President’s approval rating dipped to 38%, according to the latest Reuters/Ipsos poll, coinciding with heightened concerns over immigration.

The Biden administration has grappled with record numbers of migrants caught illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border, prompting criticism from Republicans who argue that the President should have maintained the restrictive immigration policies implemented by the Trump administration. While encounters averaged over 9,500 per day in December, recent U.S. government statistics indicate a notable decrease in the last month.

As the bipartisan immigration bill faces challenges, President Biden remains committed to addressing the complex issues surrounding immigration and advocating for comprehensive reforms that align with the principles of fairness, security, and American values.