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Embassy of Uzbekistan in Sweden Hosts Roundtable on Uzbekistan-2030 Strategy and Foreign Policy Priorities

Stockholm, February 10, 2024, The Europe Today: The Embassy of Uzbekistan in Sweden organized a comprehensive roundtable discussion, shedding light on the essence and objectives of the Uzbekistan-2030 Strategy, which was adopted in September 2023. The event, held at the embassy premises, featured an illustrious gathering of attendees, including members of the Swedish Parliament, representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Association of Diplomats in Stockholm, and analysts from the Swedish Institute of International Affairs and the Stockholm Center for Eastern European Studies.

Ambassador of Uzbekistan to Sweden, Nodir Ganiyev, took center stage during the roundtable, delivering a detailed presentation on the sweeping reforms underway in Uzbekistan. He expounded on the principal goals outlined in the Uzbekistan-2030 Strategy, emphasizing the government’s commitment to socially oriented policies, investment opportunities, and ambitious plans to elevate the country’s standing in education, healthcare, and income levels.

The presentation highlighted Uzbekistan’s aspiration to be counted among states boasting high standards in essential aspects of national development. Ambassador Ganiyev elucidated on the strategic vision that encompasses fostering economic prosperity and societal well-being.

A focal point of the discussion was the emphasis on attracting foreign investments to Uzbekistan. The Ambassador provided insights into the country’s initiatives and policies aimed at enhancing its investment climate, making it more attractive for international investors. The roundtable served as a platform to showcase Uzbekistan’s commitment to creating a conducive environment for business and economic growth.

Moreover, the participants gained valuable insights into Uzbekistan’s active and pragmatic foreign policy initiatives. The presentation covered the nation’s international engagements, initiatives, and its stance on current regional and global issues. Ambassador Ganiyev underlined the importance of international cooperation and dialogue, affirming Uzbekistan’s commitment to being an active player in addressing global challenges.

The roundtable facilitated constructive dialogue and exchange of ideas between Uzbekistan and Sweden, fostering stronger diplomatic ties and understanding. The event marked a significant milestone in promoting a comprehensive understanding of Uzbekistan’s long-term strategy and its role in the global arena.