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China Launches Initiative to Elevate Education Quality in Private Schools through Retired Teachers

Beijing, February 14, 2024, The Europe Today: In a bid to enhance the quality of education in private schools, China has unveiled a new circular encouraging experienced retired teachers to actively contribute to teaching and research efforts, particularly in higher education institutions. The initiative, outlined by the Ministry of Education, aims to leverage the wealth of experience possessed by retired educators to benefit students in private schools.

The circular outlines the launch of a special campaign that will annually select around 20,000 retired teachers to support teaching and research activities in private schools across the nation. The emphasis will be placed on strengthening educational initiatives in China’s western regions and areas with ethnic minority groups.

Retired teachers are encouraged to actively engage with private schools, sharing their expertise and knowledge to enrich the learning experience for students. The circular highlights the importance of creating mentor systems within these schools, providing a platform for retired teachers to pass on their insights and experiences to younger colleagues.

This initiative aligns with China’s commitment to fostering educational excellence, recognizing the invaluable contributions that experienced teachers can make to the ongoing development of private educational institutions. By encouraging retired educators to participate actively, the Ministry of Education aims to create a collaborative learning environment that transcends generational boundaries.

The campaign is expected to not only enhance the academic quality in private schools but also contribute to the professional growth of both retired and current teachers. As China continues to focus on comprehensive educational reforms, initiatives such as these underscore the nation’s dedication to providing students with a well-rounded and enriching learning experience.

The circular represents a forward-looking approach, acknowledging the enduring impact of experienced educators and their potential to shape the future of education in private schools. Through the collaborative efforts of retired and active teachers, China seeks to build a robust foundation for the advancement of education, ensuring the continual improvement of teaching standards and research capabilities in private institutions across the country.