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Lufthansa Faces Disruptions as Verdi Union Initiates Strike, Impacting Over 100,000 Passengers

Berlin, February 20, 2024, The Europe Today: Industrial action led by the trade union Verdi has resulted in significant disruptions at German airports, affecting over 100,000 passengers, with Frankfurt and Munich airports experiencing substantial impact. The strike, which commenced at 4 a.m. local German time on Tuesday, is set to conclude slightly after 7 a.m. on Wednesday.

The industrial action, initiated by Verdi, involved not only airport personnel but also IT workers and technicians who began their strike on Monday evening. Lufthansa, Germany’s leading airline, advised passengers on Tuesday not to proceed to the airport if their flights were canceled, as the airline could only operate 10 to 20% of its regular flight schedule on the affected days.

This marks the second strike by Lufthansa workers this month, as they continue to press for higher wages and a bonus to counter the challenges posed by inflation. Verdi members further demonstrated their commitment to their cause by organizing protests near airport terminals.

The ongoing industrial action is a strategic move by the union to exert pressure on Lufthansa’s management, seeking improved compensation and benefits for the airline’s workforce. The disruption has inconvenienced thousands of travelers and added strain to an already challenging global travel environment.

Lufthansa, grappling with the repercussions of the strike, is working to manage the situation and minimize inconvenience for affected passengers. As negotiations between the union and the airline persist, the aviation industry closely watches the developments, with hopes for an amicable resolution to restore normalcy in air travel operations.