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Ford Motor Halts Shipments of 2024 F-150 Lightning for Quality Checks

New York, February 23, 2024, The Europe Today: Ford Motor Company announced on Friday that it has temporarily halted shipments of all 2024 model year F-150 Lightning electric pickup trucks in order to conduct quality checks for an unspecified issue. The No. 2 U.S. automaker stated that the shipment suspension commenced on Feb. 9, without providing a specific timeframe for when shipments are expected to resume. A Ford spokesperson declined to disclose the details of the quality issue under examination.

The automaker assured that production of the F-150 Lightning electric truck is ongoing, and it remains committed to ensuring the quality and reliability of its electric vehicle (EV) lineup. Shipments of the EV truck had begun in January, and the quality checks are part of Ford’s commitment to delivering products that meet the highest standards.

In addition to the temporary halt in F-150 Lightning shipments, Ford announced that this week it commenced the shipment of the first newly designed gas-powered 2024 model F-150 pickups to dealers. The company anticipates increasing shipments in the coming weeks after completing thorough launch quality checks to uphold its high standards.

According to Automotive News, storage lots in southeast Michigan have accumulated hundreds, if not thousands, of 2024 model gas-powered F-150 trucks since production started in December. Ford assured that it remains on plan to deliver the new F-150 in early 2024.

Last month, Ford acknowledged lower-than-expected demand for electric vehicles (EVs) and announced a reduction in production of its F-150 Lightning. However, the company emphasized that production of the EV truck is ongoing. In January, Ford had communicated plans to cut production at its Michigan Rouge Electric Vehicle Center to one shift starting April 1.

Ford had informed suppliers in December that it aimed to produce about 1,600 F-150 Lightning EV trucks per week from January, representing a reduction from the initial plan of 3,200. Despite this, Ford achieved impressive sales figures for the F-150 Lightning in 2023, selling 24,165 units in the U.S., a 55% increase from the previous year.

The automaker reiterated its commitment to the growth of its electric vehicle portfolio, citing plans to double EV truck production and achieve a 150,000-vehicle annualized production rate at the F-150 Lightning plant by October 2024.