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China Unveils Three-Year Plan to Bolster Industrial Firms' Data Protection

China Unveils Three-Year Plan to Bolster Industrial Firms’ Data Protection

Beijing, February 26, 2024, The Europe Today: The Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology unveiled a comprehensive three-year plan on Monday, outlining strategic initiatives aimed at enhancing the protection of industrial firms’ data. Spanning from 2024 to 2026, the plan outlines a series of targeted measures to raise awareness of data protection, safeguard crucial industrial data, fortify data security management at pivotal enterprises, and intensify data protection measures in key scenarios.

The plan, developed by Chinese authorities, underscores the nation’s commitment to advancing data security practices, aligning with global trends in safeguarding sensitive information. As part of the initiative, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has delineated 11 specific tasks focused on elevating China’s capabilities in protecting industrial firms’ data, streamlining data security protocols, and providing support to the burgeoning data security industry.

The specified tasks encompass a range of objectives, including the promotion of awareness campaigns on data protection, establishment of robust measures to safeguard vital industrial data, and reinforcement of data security management practices within key enterprises. The plan also places emphasis on enhancing data protection mechanisms in critical scenarios, recognizing the evolving landscape of cyber threats.

By the conclusion of 2026, China aspires to establish a comprehensive data protection system tailored to the unique needs of the industrial sector. The overarching goal is to effectively manage and control major risks associated with data security, reflecting the nation’s commitment to fostering a secure and resilient digital environment for its industrial landscape.

The release of this three-year plan signals China’s proactive stance in fortifying its data protection infrastructure, aligning with the broader global efforts to address the challenges posed by the increasing digitization of industries and the growing significance of data in today’s interconnected world.