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Antalya Diplomatic Forum

Azerbaijani and Panamanian Foreign Ministers Foster Bilateral Ties at Antalya Diplomatic Forum

Ankara, March 01, 2024, The Europe Today: In a diplomatic stride towards strengthening international relations, Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Jeyhun Bayramov engaged in a productive meeting with his Panamanian counterpart, Janaina Gob, during the Antalya Diplomatic Forum in Turkiye. The encounter, reported by media outlets and verified through an official post shared on the Azerbaijani Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ X account, underscores the commitment of both nations to fostering diplomatic ties and enhancing cooperation.

According to the shared post, the discussions between Minister Bayramov and Minister Gob centered around exploring the potential avenues for bilateral relations and mapping out the trajectory for future multilateral collaboration between Azerbaijan and Panama.

Minister Bayramov took the opportunity to provide a comprehensive overview to his Panamanian counterpart, Janaina Gob, regarding Azerbaijan’s preparations for COP29. The detailed briefing not only showcased Azerbaijan’s proactive stance on global issues but also highlighted its commitment to international cooperation in addressing climate challenges.

Moreover, the meeting delved into discussions on peace and reconstruction efforts within the region. Minister Bayramov shared insights into the ongoing initiatives and endeavors undertaken by Azerbaijan in the pursuit of regional stability and development.

The diplomatic exchange between the Azerbaijani and Panamanian Foreign Ministers underscores the importance of such forums in fostering understanding and collaboration on the global stage. The Antalya Diplomatic Forum, serving as a backdrop for this significant encounter, continues to be a platform for constructive dialogue and diplomatic engagements among nations.

As both countries look towards a future marked by strengthened ties and shared objectives, the meeting in Turkiye sets the tone for enhanced cooperation between Azerbaijan and Panama in the realms of diplomacy, bilateral relations, and multilateral efforts for global peace and development.