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Shenzhou-17 Crew Achieves Milestone with Successful In-Orbit Maintenance during Second Extravehicular Mission

Beijing, March 02, 2024, The Europe Today: The Shenzhou-17 crew, comprising taikonauts Tang Hongbo, Tang Shengjie, and Jiang Xinlin, achieved a significant milestone as they completed their second extravehicular mission aboard China’s orbiting space station, announced the China Manned Space Agency.

The successful mission, conducted on Saturday, saw the accomplished taikonauts execute all assigned tasks with precision and expertise, concluding the approximately eight-hour extravehicular activities at 1:32 p.m. (Beijing time). Collaborating seamlessly with the space station’s robotic arm and scientific researchers on Earth, the team demonstrated exceptional teamwork and proficiency.

Tang Hongbo and Jiang Xinlin undertook a spacewalk, marking a safe return to the Wentian lab module after the mission. The Shenzhou-17 crew had previously conducted a repair test during their first extravehicular mission on December 21 last year.

During this recent extravehicular mission, the taikonauts focused on the maintenance of the Tianhe core module’s solar wings, addressing the impact of small space particles. The China Manned Space Agency reported that, following evaluation and analysis, the solar wing’s power generation function is operating normally.

Notably, this mission marked the first time taikonauts completed in-orbit maintenance of extravehicular facilities, showcasing China’s expertise in space exploration. Additionally, the crew conducted a thorough inspection of the space station’s modules, ensuring their continued functionality and stability.

Looking ahead, the Shenzhou-17 crew is slated to engage in various space science and technology experiments throughout the remaining duration of their space journey, as outlined by the China Manned Space Agency. The mission reaffirms China’s commitment to advancing space exploration capabilities and scientific endeavors.