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Sinopec Elevates EV Charging Landscape in China with 6,000 Stations in 370 Cities

Beijing, March 02, 2024, The Europe Today: Chinese energy giant Sinopec has achieved a significant milestone by establishing over 6,000 cutting-edge charging stations in 370 cities nationwide, enhancing the landscape for electric vehicles (EV) across the country. The company, renowned for its extensive network of over 30,000 refueling stations, is committed to further enriching consumer services by integrating diverse business scenarios such as EV charging, shopping, catering, and car maintenance.

The strategic expansion of Sinopec’s EV charging infrastructure reflects the company’s dedication to providing efficient and rapid charging services for the growing electric vehicle market in China. By incorporating additional services beyond charging, Sinopec aims to enhance the overall customer experience and cater to the evolving needs of consumers in the electric mobility sector.

The Ministry of Transport, in alignment with the national commitment to advancing new energy vehicles, has outlined plans to intensify the construction of charging infrastructures. Vice Minister of Transport Wang Gang, during a press briefing on Thursday, announced the ministry’s ambitious target for 2024, aiming to propel the construction of 3,000 charging piles and 5,000 rechargeable parking spots in highway service areas across the country. This initiative signifies a crucial step toward facilitating the widespread adoption of new energy vehicles and promoting sustainable transportation solutions.

Sinopec’s proactive role in expanding the charging infrastructure aligns with the broader national efforts to bolster the electric vehicle ecosystem, ensuring that the charging network keeps pace with the increasing demand for clean and sustainable transportation in China.