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Pakistan’s First Lady Samina Alvi Advocates Women’s Self-Dependence for Socio-Economic Progress at International Women’s Day Seminar

Rawalpindi, March 08, 2024, The Europe Today: Addressing a seminar at Rawalpindi Women University in collaboration with the SOS Foundation, First Lady Samina Arif Alvi emphasized the crucial role of women’s self-dependence in the socio-economic development and prosperity of any country. The seminar, held in connection with International Women’s Day, provided a platform to discuss women’s rights, empowerment, and the ongoing efforts to create a more inclusive society.

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First Lady Samina Alvi highlighted the rights granted to women in Islam and stressed the responsibility to ensure their rightful place and protection in society. She commended Rawalpindi Women University for empowering young women through education and raising awareness about important economic and social issues.

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International Women’s Day, according to the first lady, serves as an opportunity to review the progress in women’s rights and renew the commitment to further efforts in that regard. Despite being approximately half of the population, women’s participation in various sectors remains low, underscoring the need for enhanced efforts for their economic empowerment.

Quoting Quaid-e-Azam’s strong support for women’s rights, First Lady Samina Alvi cited examples of successful working women in Islamic and Pakistan’s history. She highlighted the active participation of women in different fields, emphasizing their effective contribution to the country’s development and prosperity through hard work and dedication.

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Discussing legislative measures, the first lady mentioned the Property Rights Act, ensuring the ownership rights of women, and the establishment of the Federal Ombudsman for the Elimination of Harassment at the Workplace to provide a safe working environment. She also addressed health concerns, urging women to conduct self-examinations for early diagnosis of breast cancer.

Emphasizing mental health challenges, Samina Alvi called for increased attention to the issue and urged society to take it seriously. Additionally, she addressed the concerns of differently-abled persons, advocating for greater accessibility in public, private, and business organizations.

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CEO of SOS Foundation, Shaista Sohail, praised the first lady’s role in addressing social issues and called for practical measures, including the inclusion of women in decision-making processes for their independence.

Vice Chancellor of Rawalpindi Women University, Professor Dr. Aneela Kamal, highlighted the achievements of female graduates and the institution’s pro-women initiatives, such as the Women Development Center and financial assistance programs. The event concluded with First Lady Samina Alvi presenting medals and prizes to outstanding female students.