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Chinese President Xi Jinping

Chinese President Xi Jinping Extends Warm Congratulations to Asif Ali Zardari on Presidential Election Victory

Beijing, March 10, 2024, The Europe Today: Chinese President Xi Jinping conveyed heartfelt congratulations to Asif Ali Zardari on Sunday following his triumphant election as the President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

In a formal message, President Xi Jinping expressed his warmest felicitations to President Zardari on behalf of the Chinese government and people. The Chinese leader lauded the democratic process in Pakistan and commended the people’s choice in electing President Zardari to lead the nation.

President Xi Jinping emphasized the longstanding friendship and cooperative relations between China and Pakistan, highlighting the strategic partnership that has strengthened over the years. He expressed confidence that under President Zardari’s leadership, the bilateral ties between the two nations would further flourish, contributing to regional stability and development.

The Chinese President extended his best wishes to President Zardari for a successful and productive tenure, envisioning continued collaboration on shared interests and global challenges. The congratulatory message signifies the commitment of China to deepening diplomatic ties and fostering mutual understanding with Pakistan under the new leadership.