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Elon Musk’s X Platform Set to Introduce Long-Form Videos on Smart Televisions

San Francisco, March 09, 2024, The Europe Today: Elon Musk has announced that long-form videos will soon be accessible on smart televisions through his social network platform, X. This revelation comes on the heels of reports from Fortune magazine, indicating that X is gearing up to launch a TV app for Amazon and Samsung users next week.

In response to speculations about the platform’s expansion, Musk confirmed the forthcoming feature on X, stating, “Coming soon,” in reference to the availability of long-form videos directly on smart TVs.

Fortune magazine suggested that the X TV app might bear similarities to Google’s YouTube TV app. An unidentified source cited by the magazine suggested that Musk is keen on positioning X as a competitor to YouTube in the evolving landscape of online video content.

X, initially introduced as a platform encompassing various services, has been progressively enhancing its features. Last October, the platform rolled out an early version of video and audio calling for select users, aligning with Musk’s vision to transform X into a super app offering a diverse range of services, from messaging to peer-to-peer payments.

In its pursuit of becoming a “video-first platform,” X has been forming strategic partnerships, including collaborations with prominent figures like former Fox commentator Tucker Carlson and former CNN anchor Don Lemon.

Despite facing challenges in retaining advertisers since Musk’s acquisition in 2022, X remains resilient in its efforts to provide an engaging and diverse content experience. Last month, the platform announced plans to enable advertisers to run video ads alongside specific content creators, further expanding its revenue streams.

The introduction of long-form videos on smart TVs represents a significant step for X, positioning itself as a versatile platform catering to the evolving preferences of users in the digital content space. As the launch of the TV app approaches, X aims to carve a niche in the competitive realm of online video platforms.