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China Urges U.S. to Halt Unreasonable Suppression of TikTok

Beijing, March 14, 2024, The Europe Today: In a firm response to recent developments targeting Chinese tech companies, China has called upon the United States to cease its unjustified suppression of enterprises from other nations, citing concerns over a U.S. bill aimed at the popular short-video app TikTok.

He Yadong, spokesperson for the Ministry of Commerce, underscored the importance of upholding principles of market economy and fair competition, urging the United States to create an environment conducive to open, equitable, and non-discriminatory competition for companies worldwide.

During a press briefing, He Yadong emphasized that relevant parties should adhere to Chinese laws and regulations, asserting China’s determination to take all necessary measures to safeguard its legitimate rights and interests.

The remarks come in response to recent legislative actions in the United States, notably the approval of a bill by the U.S. House of Representatives, which mandates TikTok to divest from its parent company, Chinese tech giant ByteDance. Failure to comply with this requirement could result in a nationwide ban on TikTok operations within the United States.

The proposed measure has raised concerns over potential repercussions on Chinese companies operating in the global market, prompting China to assert its commitment to defending the rights and interests of its enterprises.

As tensions persist between the United States and China in the realm of technology and commerce, diplomatic efforts to address these issues remain paramount. China’s call for fairness and adherence to established principles of international trade underscores the need for constructive dialogue and cooperation to mitigate conflicts and foster a conducive environment for global business operations.

In light of these developments, the international community will closely monitor further actions taken by both the United States and China, with a keen focus on preserving the integrity of global trade and investment frameworks.