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Director of Prestigious Sciences Po

Director of Prestigious Sciences Po School Steps Down Amid Domestic Violence Allegations

Paris, March 14, 2024, The Europe Today: Mathias Vicherat, the director of the prestigious Parisian institution Sciences Po, has announced his resignation following orders to stand trial in connection with a domestic violence case. This decision comes amidst mounting pressure from students who demanded his resignation after both Vicherat and his partner, Anissa Bonnefont, were briefly detained last December, with each accusing the other of domestic violence.

Sciences Po, established in 1872, stands as a beacon of influence in French elite education and serves as a nucleus of political prowess. Its alumni roster boasts luminaries such as President Emmanuel Macron, alongside a plethora of former French and foreign leaders, as well as distinguished figures in literature, media, culture, and fashion.

Vicherat, aged 45, cited the imperative to safeguard the institution as the primary impetus behind his resignation. “What counts here is not me but the institution,” he affirmed. He emphasized that the allegations against him had been articulated in a “vague manner,” expressing confidence in the legal system to ascertain the veracity of the claims. Notably, the criminal case was initiated by prosecutors, as neither Vicherat nor his former partner lodged any formal legal complaints.

In his departing remarks, Vicherat underscored his commitment to ensuring that Sciences Po remains insulated from any potential ramifications arising from the ongoing legal proceedings. His departure marks a pivotal moment for the renowned institution, prompting reflection on issues of accountability, integrity, and the broader societal discourse on domestic violence.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the academic community awaits further developments, cognizant of the profound implications for both Sciences Po and the wider landscape of French higher education.