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Chinese Official Affirms Commitment to UN Empowerment Initiatives for Women and Youth

Beijing, March 16, 2024, The Europe Today: In a resounding affirmation of commitment to global empowerment efforts Chinese Official Huang Xiaowei, Minister and Deputy Head of the National Working Committee on Children and Women of the State Council of China, voiced staunch support for the United Nations’ endeavors aimed at uplifting women and youth.

Addressing the UN Security Council open debate themed “Promoting Conflict Prevention — Empowering All Actors Including Women and Youth,” Huang Xiaowei emphasized the imperative of bolstering the roles of women and youth amidst a backdrop of global turbulence. She articulated that amidst shifting global dynamics, fostering the empowerment of these demographic segments is paramount to harnessing their collective wisdom and potential in advancing peace and development initiatives worldwide.

Huang underscored the pivotal role of economic empowerment, capacity-building, and ensuring access to education and employment opportunities in fostering stability, facilitating development, and fostering enduring peace. She highlighted China’s unwavering dedication to championing the empowerment and development of women and youth, citing legislative frameworks, policies, and measures designed to ensure equitable participation and benefit-sharing in economic and social progress.

Drawing attention to China’s remarkable strides in uplifting its populace, Huang cited tangible achievements, including the elevation of over 44 million rural women from absolute poverty and the burgeoning representation of women in various sectors of the workforce, including technology and innovative business models.

Moreover, Huang underscored China’s steadfast commitment to nurturing its youth, citing comprehensive national plans and an array of pro-youth policies spanning education and employment sectors. She highlighted initiatives undertaken by numerous cities nationwide aimed at fostering youth-oriented urban development, lauding the burgeoning contribution of young people to diverse spheres such as scientific innovation, rural revitalization, and international collaboration.

Currently leading a Chinese delegation at the 68th session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, scheduled to conclude on March 22 at the UN headquarters in New York, Huang Xiaowei’s remarks signal China’s unwavering dedication to advancing the rights, opportunities, and representation of women and youth on the global stage.