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Lin Jian

Lin Jian Assumes Role as China’s 34th Foreign Ministry Spokesperson

Beijing, March 19, 2024, The Europe Today: Lin Jian, a seasoned diplomat with 25 years of experience in the Foreign Ministry, made his debut as the 34th spokesperson during Monday’s daily news conference, marking a new chapter in China’s diplomatic communications.

At 47 years of age, Lin Jian brings a wealth of expertise in diplomacy and communication to his new role. Addressing journalists during the briefing, he expressed his commitment to providing timely and accurate explanations of China’s foreign policy and diplomatic practices. He pledged sincere communication and cooperation to foster better mutual understanding and collaboration between China and the global community.

“I will try my best to timely and accurately explain China’s foreign policy and diplomatic practices, and I will sincerely communicate and cooperate with you to jointly promote better mutual understanding and cooperation between China and the world,” Lin Jian affirmed.

The Foreign Ministry’s introduction of the spokesperson system in 1983 marked a pioneering initiative, making it the first government department in China to adopt such a practice. Notably, it remains the sole government entity conducting routine news briefings on a daily basis.

Public records reveal Lin Jian’s illustrious career trajectory. Following his graduation with a major in English from Beijing Foreign Studies University, he was selected by the Foreign Ministry for further studies in Denmark. His tenure included service in the political department of the Chinese embassy in Copenhagen, followed by a posting to Poland as a political counselor at the Chinese embassy in Warsaw. Upon his return to China, Lin assumed the role of counselor at the Foreign Ministry’s European affairs department.

Prior to his current appointment, Lin Jian held the esteemed position of head of the foreign affairs office of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, where he showcased exemplary leadership and diplomatic acumen.

Lin Jian’s assumption of the spokesperson role underscores China’s ongoing commitment to transparent and effective communication on matters of foreign policy and international affairs. His vast experience and dedication are poised to further strengthen China’s diplomatic outreach and promote constructive dialogue on the global stage.