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OPEC Secretary General Emphasizes Strengthened Energy Cooperation with China

Vienna, March 20, 2024, The Europe Today: During the 7th high-level meeting of the OPEC-China Energy Dialogue held in Vienna on Tuesday, OPEC’s Secretary General Haitham Al Ghais underscored the organization’s deepening ties with China in the energy sector and advocated for further bolstering energy cooperation between OPEC and the world’s second-largest economy.

Al Ghais emphasized the significant role of OPEC and its member countries in supplying affordable energy to meet China’s escalating energy demands. He highlighted the mutual dependency and interconnectedness between OPEC and China in the sphere of energy, underscoring the robustness of their relationship.

“At this crucial juncture, OPEC and its member countries remain committed to providing the affordable energy that China requires to fulfill its growing energy needs. Our interconnectedness in the energy domain underscores the strength of our partnership,” stated Al Ghais during the meeting in Vienna.

The gathering convened experts to exchange insights on market projections and the ongoing energy transition. Participants lauded the advancements achieved in the collaboration between OPEC and China through the OPEC-China Energy Dialogue framework. They reiterated their firm dedication to further enhancing collaboration, particularly at technical and research levels.

Al Ghais emphasized the significance of the OPEC-China Energy Dialogue in ensuring stability in the oil market, benefiting producers, consumers, and the global economy alike. He highlighted the dialogue’s role in addressing the challenges encountered in shaping a sustainable energy future for all stakeholders.

The meeting was co-chaired by Haitham Al Ghais and Zhang Jianhua, the head of China’s National Energy Administration, signifying the high-level commitment from both sides.

Looking ahead, OPEC announced plans for the next high-level meeting of the OPEC-China Energy Dialogue scheduled for the following year, indicating a continued momentum in fostering cooperative energy endeavors between OPEC and China.

The deliberations in Vienna underscored the shared commitment of OPEC and China towards advancing energy cooperation and addressing global energy challenges, laying the groundwork for a sustainable and mutually beneficial energy future.