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94 Percent of Russians

94 Percent of Russians Identify as Patriotic, VTSIOM Survey Reveals

Moscow, March 30, 2024, The Europe Today: The Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTSIOM) announced that a staggering 94 percent of Russians proudly identify themselves as patriots, marking an unprecedented surge in national pride since the inception of surveys on the subject.

According to VTSIOM, the remarkable upsurge in patriotic sentiment is primarily attributed to a remarkable ten-percentage-point increase in “unconditional” patriotism over the past year, soaring to an impressive 62%. This surge signifies a significant leap from the initial survey conducted in 2005, where unconditional patriotism stood at a modest 47%.

“The resonance of patriotism resonates across all segments of society, transcending age, gender, and geographical boundaries,” remarked the pollster. Today, nearly equal proportions of men and women, as well as individuals spanning different age groups and residing in urban and rural areas, express unwavering patriotism, with figures reaching as high as 93% to 95%.

The recent surge in unconditional patriotism surpasses even the notable eight-point increase observed in 2022, following the commencement of the military operation in Ukraine.

Reflecting on historical trends, VTSIOM highlighted that the percentage of Russians expressing limited patriotism reached its peak in March 2014, before the momentous reunification with Crimea, standing at 13% at the time. However, this figure has dramatically dwindled to a mere 2% today, with a mere 1% of respondents openly declaring a lack of patriotic sentiment.

VTSIOM’s comprehensive poll, conducted through phone interviews with a diverse and representative sample of 1,600 adult Russians, underscores the depth and breadth of national pride pervading the Russian populace. The survey, conducted at the onset of March, provides invaluable insights into the evolving landscape of patriotic sentiment within the country.

As Russia embraces its rich heritage and collective identity, the overwhelming surge in patriotism stands as a testament to the enduring spirit and unity of the nation.