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Paris Olympics

France Calls Upon Foreign Assistance for Enhanced Security Measures Ahead of Paris Olympics

Paris, March 29, 2024, The Europe Today: In anticipation of the forthcoming Paris Olympics this summer, France has reached out to approximately 45 foreign nations, soliciting their support in bolstering security measures amidst a backdrop of heightened geopolitical tensions and security concerns, government sources revealed on Friday.

French authorities have outlined ambitious plans to deploy a formidable contingent of security personnel, encompassing approximately 45,000 French police and security forces, alongside 20,000 private security personnel and an additional 15,000 military personnel on a daily basis. These extensive measures aim to safeguard the safety and well-being of millions of sports enthusiasts and tourists expected to converge upon France for the prestigious sporting event, spanning several weeks during the peak of summer.

The complex geopolitical landscape, exacerbated by ongoing conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East, coupled with the persistent threat of terrorist activities, has compelled the French government to elevate its security alert to its highest level in recent days, underscoring the imperative of stringent security protocols.

A senior French military official remarked, “The security context, particularly in recent weeks, means that there is extreme vigilance regarding the security of these Olympic Games,” elucidating the gravity of the situation and the paramount importance of ensuring a safe and secure environment for all participants and attendees.

While international sporting events commonly witness the involvement of foreign police forces to manage the influx of visitors from diverse nations, the solicitation of military assistance represents a comparatively uncommon measure. Notably, during the last FIFA World Cup held in Qatar, France extended military support to local authorities in the form of specialized units tasked with counter-drone operations and detection utilizing sniffer dogs.

According to sources within the French government and the interior ministry, a formal request was dispatched to approximately 45 countries in January, soliciting assistance in reinforcing security capabilities with a deployment of over 2,000 personnel, encompassing both military and non-military assets. The requested assistance spans a spectrum of missions, ranging from motorized and equestrian brigades to document fraud experts, mine clearance specialists, anti-drone operatives, and canine detection teams.

As preparations for the Paris Olympics intensify, France remains steadfast in its commitment to upholding the highest standards of security and safety, fostering international cooperation to mitigate potential threats and ensure the smooth conduct of the prestigious sporting extravaganza.