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Jiangsu Province

Envoys from 28 Countries and International Organizations Explore Jiangsu Province’s Cultural Heritage and Economic Potential

Beijing, March 31, 2024, The Europe Today: A delegation comprising envoys from 28 countries and international organizations, including Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Japan, and the African Union, embarked on a four-day visit to east China’s Jiangsu Province from Monday to Thursday, at the gracious invitation of China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

During their visit to the provincial capital of Nanjing and the scenic city of Suzhou, the diplomats were immersed in the rich cultural heritage and dynamic economic landscape of Jiangsu Province.

Experience Classical Chinese Aesthetics

In Suzhou’s renowned Humble Administrator’s Garden, Minister Gassim A G Gishlan of the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in China marveled at the intricate beauty of China’s classical gardens. The diplomats were captivated by the harmonious fusion of pavilions, mansions, bridges, and waterways, which exemplify the architectural prowess and philosophical depth of ancient China.

At the Suzhou Museum, designed by the esteemed architect I.M. Pei, the diplomats admired the seamless integration of traditional and modern architectural elements. Ambassador Barrett Salato of the Solomon Islands praised Suzhou’s commitment to preserving its rich cultural heritage, emphasizing the importance of cultural continuity for future generations.

At the Nanjing Yunjin Museum, the delegation marveled at the centuries-old craft of Yunjin silk weaving, a UNESCO-listed intangible cultural heritage. Ambassador Vahe Gevorgyan of Armenia hailed Yunjin silk as a living testament to cultural heritage, expressing Armenia’s eagerness for increased cultural exchanges with China.

The delegation witnessed Jiangsu Province’s remarkable economic transformation during visits to key industrial zones and high-tech enterprises.

In Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP), established as a flagship cooperation project between China and Singapore, Ambassador Pick Fung Ho-Chong of Suriname lauded SIP’s rapid development from a paddy field to a thriving high-tech hub.

Ambassador Ann Derwin of Ireland highlighted the burgeoning business partnerships between Irish enterprises and their counterparts in Jiangsu Province, expressing optimism for further collaboration and growth.

At Estun Automation Company in Nanjing, the envoys were impressed by the cutting-edge technologies in intelligent industrial robotics. Discussions centered on green, low-carbon, and sustainable development, echoing China’s commitment to environmental stewardship.

The exhibition hall of Nari Group Cooperation showcased China’s advancements in grid energy storage and clean energy solutions. Envoys expressed keen interest in collaborative opportunities to explore the potential for clean energy cooperation.

The visit to Jiangsu Province served as a testament to the province’s cultural vibrancy and economic dynamism, fostering deeper understanding and collaboration between China and the international community.