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Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Pakistan

Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Pakistan Meets with Federal Minister of Commerce

Islamabad, April 04, 2024, The Europe Today: His Excellency Mr. Y. Kistafin, the Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Pakistan, recently held a meeting with Mr. Jam Kamal Khan, the Federal Minister of Commerce of Pakistan.

During the meeting, Ambassador Mr. Y. Kistafin extended warm congratulations to Mr. Jam Kamal Khan on his recent appointment as Minister of Trade, expressing best wishes for success in his new role. As a gesture of goodwill, the Ambassador presented a congratulatory letter from Mr. A. Shakkaliev, the Minister of Trade and Integration of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Ambassador provided an overview of the ongoing collaborative efforts aimed at strengthening trade cooperation between Kazakhstan and Pakistan. Emphasizing the importance of establishing multilateral platforms, he highlighted initiatives contributing to the solidification of a foundational framework for business integration between the two nations.

In particular, Mr. Y. Kistafin underscored the outcomes achieved during the 12th meeting of the intergovernmental commission held in December 2023 in Astana. These outcomes included advancements in drafting a Roadmap between the Ministries of Trade of both countries, the revitalization of the bilateral Business Council of Kazakhstan and Pakistan, and the regular conduct of business missions and visits.

In response, Mr. Jam Kamal Khan fondly recalled his previous visits to Astana, acknowledging the warm hospitality extended by the Kazakh side during his engagements.

The Pakistani Minister commended the progress made in bilateral trade initiatives and recognized the untapped potential for further development in trade relations. He expressed readiness for active collaboration aimed at enhancing business ties and fostering trade and economic cooperation between Kazakhstan and Pakistan.

The meeting between Ambassador Mr. Y. Kistafin and Minister Mr. Jam Kamal Khan underscores the mutual commitment of both nations to deepen their economic partnership and explore avenues for expanded trade opportunities.