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Breakthrough in Honey Processing Technology: Brawijaya University Researcher Develops Powdered Honey

Jakarta, April 04, 2024, The Europe Today: Anang Lastriyanto, a researcher from the Faculty of Agricultural Technology at Brawijaya University, has achieved a significant milestone by developing a technology for processing honey, which is anticipated to add considerable value to the product.

During an interview in Malang, East Java, on Wednesday, Lastriyanto disclosed that his research, spanning over 3.5 years, has led to the creation of powdered honey through an integrated process, marking a notable advancement in honey processing technology.

“Not many people can create this technology on how to process honey into powder,” Lastriyanto asserted, emphasizing the uniqueness and innovation of his work.

The initial stage of the research, funded by the Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education Agency, focused on developing the foundational steps for honey processing and fabricating prototype tools.

In the first year, honey underwent processing using pasteurization and rapid cooling or vacuum cooler methods. Subsequently, efforts in the second year concentrated on scaling up production to an industrial level.

To address challenges encountered during production, Lastriyanto explained that the pasteurization method initially led to foam formation, indicating a reduction in honey quality. However, through rapid cooling following pasteurization, foam production during heating was mitigated, and water content in the processed honey was reduced.

Over the course of the research, a comprehensive honey processing technology was developed, integrating processes such as pasteurization, rapid cooling, foam removal, and water content reduction into a streamlined “4 in 1” process.

“In the process of (making) powdered honey, the most important thing is the formulation. We are targeting this formulation for acacia honey,” Lastriyanto stated, highlighting the significance of formulation in producing powdered honey, particularly tailored for acacia honey.

The formulation process, currently undergoing patenting, involves a meticulous research and evaluation process, followed by the heating of the formulated honey mixture. Upon heating, the mixture expands, encapsulating the honey, which is then cooled, ground into powdered form, and subsequently processed into lumps.

With the successful development of integrated processed honey, powdered honey, and honey processing machinery, Lastriyanto envisions a promising future for powdered honey as a raw material in various industrial sectors, catering to both domestic and international markets, including countries in Africa and Southeast Asia.

This groundbreaking research not only adds value to honey production but also opens new avenues for innovation and industrial applications, further cementing Brawijaya University’s commitment to technological advancement and agricultural innovation.