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High-Level Meeting Facilitates Economic Diplomacy for Samarkand Region

Tashkent, April 04, 2024, The Europe Today: A significant virtual gathering convened with the participation of Erkinjon Turdimov, the Governor of Samarkand Region, along with Bobur Usmanov, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, and heads of Uzbekistan’s embassies spanning the European, Asia-Pacific, and Central Asian regions, as reported by Uzbek media.

Hosted in the form of a video conference, the meeting served as a platform for fruitful discussions aimed at bolstering economic diplomacy and fostering collaboration between Samarkand Region and key international partners.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs disclosed that distinguished ambassadors representing Uzbekistan in Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Austria, Italy, Poland, Iran, Oman, the UAE, and Turkmenistan actively participated in the deliberations. Delving into diverse sectors such as agriculture, tourism, and food industry, the ambassadors articulated their respective proposals to advance joint ventures and cooperative endeavors across various industries.

Looking ahead, it was revealed that forthcoming delegations from Malaysia, Singapore, and Austria are slated to visit the region, laying the groundwork for targeted engagements between foreign investors and local stakeholders. These interactions aim to cultivate concrete initiatives geared towards deepening economic ties and fostering mutual prosperity.

Moreover, the establishment of the “MFA-Samarkand-Embassies” online platform underscores a commitment to streamline information exchange, facilitating seamless communication channels between relevant stakeholders. This innovative platform is poised to expedite decision-making processes and enhance coordination efforts between ambassadors and local authorities within the Samarkand Region.

The direct engagement of ambassadors with city and district governors further underscores a concerted effort to forge robust partnerships and capitalize on emerging opportunities for economic development and growth.

By leveraging the insights gleaned from this collaborative exchange, Samarkand Region is poised to chart a course towards sustainable economic progress, propelled by dynamic partnerships and synergistic initiatives forged on the global stage.