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Chinese Vice Minister of Commerce

Chinese Vice Minister of Commerce Co-Chairs China-U.S. Commercial and Trade Working Group Meeting in the United States

New York, April 05, 2024, The Europe Today: Chinese Vice Minister of Commerce (MOC), Wang Shouwen, embarked on a diplomatic visit to the United States from April 2 to 5, at the invitation of the U.S. authorities. During this visit, Wang co-chaired the inaugural vice-ministerial meeting of the China-U.S. commercial and trade working group alongside Marisa Lago, the U.S. Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade. The Ministry of Commerce (MOC) announced these developments on Friday, underscoring the significance of this diplomatic engagement.

Addressing the meeting, Wang Shouwen expressed China’s commitment to collaborating with the United States in earnestly implementing the consensus reached by the leaders of both nations. He emphasized the importance of enhancing communication, fostering cooperation, and effectively managing differences through the commercial and trade working group. Wang emphasized the need to cultivate a conducive environment for trade and investment cooperation between enterprises of both countries.

During the discussions, Wang Shouwen conveyed China’s concerns regarding various issues, including the U.S. Section 301 tariffs on Chinese goods, national security implications, sanctions against Chinese enterprises, revisions of trade remedy investigation rules, two-way investment restrictions, and unfair treatment of Chinese enterprises.

In a spirit of cooperation, both sides pledged to support trade and investment promotion activities organized jointly. Additionally, they agreed to explore opportunities for collaboration in clean energy technology and women’s health initiatives. Efforts to enhance trade facilitation cooperation and promote dialogue on export control were also emphasized during the meeting.

Looking ahead, it was agreed that Marisa Lago would lead a delegation to China in the latter half of 2024, at the invitation of the Chinese authorities. During this visit, Lago will co-chair the second vice-ministerial meeting of the China-U.S. commercial and trade working group, signaling continued commitment to fostering constructive dialogue and collaboration between the two nations.

The successful conclusion of the vice-ministerial meeting underscores the shared commitment of China and the United States to engage in constructive dialogue and seek mutually beneficial solutions to trade-related challenges, thereby promoting stability and prosperity in the global economy.