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World Aquatics Artistic Swimming World Cup 2024

First Leg of World Aquatics Artistic Swimming World Cup 2024 to Kickoff Today in Beijing

Beijing, April 05, 2024, The Europe Today: In a celebration of elite athleticism and artistic expression, the first leg of the World Aquatics Artistic Swimming World Cup 2024 kicked off at the prestigious National Aquatic Center, known as the Water Cube, in Beijing. Approximately 100 elite artistic swimmers representing 14 teams from around the world have gathered to compete in this highly anticipated event.

During the April 5-7 leg, the host nation, China, will showcase its talent across all 11 events. Notably, the top swimmers of the Chinese national team will focus exclusively on the Team Free event, while the second-tier athletes will participate in the remaining 10 events. This strategic approach aims to optimize performance while adapting to recent rule changes and allowing young swimmers valuable exposure and learning opportunities on the global stage.

Reflecting on China’s remarkable performance at the Doha World Aquatics Championships, where they secured seven gold medals, one silver, and one bronze across 11 events, Zhang Xiaohuan, head coach of the Chinese national team, expressed enthusiasm for the return of the Artistic Swimming World Cup to Beijing. With a clear goal to exhibit precision, clean movements, and artistic finesse in their routines, the Chinese team is eager to captivate local fans with their passion for the sport.

Among the formidable competitors, Australia stands out as a formidable challenger, having already secured a place in team events at the Paris Olympic Games. Additionally, athletes such as Nargiza Bolatova and Eduard Kim of Kazakhstan, who clinched Kazakhstan’s first-ever world title in the Mixed Duet Technical event in Doha, are anticipated to defend their reputation on the grand stage of the Chinese capital city.

The enchanting ambiance of the Water Cube, adorned with a majestic Dragon mascot symbolizing the year of the Dragon, has left a lasting impression on participants like the British women’s pair, Eve Isobella Young and Florence Lily Blinkhorn. Embracing the vibrant atmosphere reminiscent of past Summer and Winter Olympics held at the venue, Young expressed admiration for the iconic setting.

Transformed into the Ice Cube during winter seasons since 2021, the Water Cube continues to be a versatile venue, having hosted curling competitions during the 2022 Winter Olympics.

The Artistic Swimming World Cup 2024 series comprises four legs, including Beijing, Paris (May 3-5), Markham (Canada) (May 31-June 2), and the Super Final in Budapest (Hungary) (July 5-7), promising an exhilarating journey for athletes and fans alike.